Monday, February 27, 2012

Laundry Room...Oh Glorious Laundry Room!

Ok, so when we built our house almost 13 years ago the laundry room was the last thing on my mind.  I didn't think I would be spending much time in there so frankly I didn't care how we did it.

What can I say!?  I was young...little did I know, I would be spending a great deal of time in the laundry room!

This is what I had to work with (and keep in mind, this is after we had done some "work" several years ago):

I had to turn sideways just to get in the door!  Now, granted when we built the house we bought one of those little stackable apartment type washer/dryer units.  So it actually fit, but after having another child that lil' thing wasn't cuttin' it.  So when it died we bought full size units.

Ugh, it just looked so junky!  All that mess crammed in to one tiny space.

Well, after me and the hunny talked it over and after changing our minds about a million times, we decided to just "redo" our current space versus building a whole new laundry room.  We are working really hard to get completely out of debt and just doing a redo would save a huge amount of money!!  So after much prayer, we had our decision!

And yes, we prayed about whether or not to build or redo :)

SO, with just a weekend worth of work we managed to totally redo our funky lil' laundry room!

Here is what we did:

{I got this cute lamp at the thrift store for $5.00 and repainted it.}

{I already had the linen valance.  I *HEART* linen!}

{This is one of my favorite pieces!  And I got it for $10!}

{A sweet friend of mine made me some vinyl letters with her new Cricut}

{I still want to hide the fuse box, but I still think everything looks awesome!}

{The box here was built with scraps!  The beadboard is from my bathroom reno! And the box is hiding all those ugly hoses, lines, etc}

{The one thing that I considered to be a big purchase and it was only $24.00}

{I love this!!  And it was free!  I already had the frame and I printed the Subway Art for FREE from here!}

{And I had to throw in a couple with just the lamp on!}

{OH!  And that really awesome, cute and super fantastic ceiling light fixture was F.R.E.E. from a super awesome friend!}

So, for approximately $150.00 we redid our WHOLE Laundry Room!!!  The biggest space saver was getting that big ole' ugly water heater OUT OF THERE!

Hunny moved it elsewhere!  Now the washer and dryer can sit against the back wall!

My list of purchased items:
Paint: $25.00
Sheetrock Mud: $ 14.00
Mop/Broom holder: $7.00
Small Wire Basket: $10.00
Lamp: $5.00
Birdy: $1.00
Laundry Sorter: $24.00
Wood for shelving:  $25.00
Apothecary Jar: $8.00
Total:  $114.00

And that's with me rounding up all the figures!  So I actually spent less than $150!

The only thing we didn't do was the flooring, but the reason is......because I have some really awesome flooring coming for F.R.E.E.  So all we will have to do is pull the washer and dryer out and lay the flooring down!    Can't beat free! :)

I just love everything about it!  I wish I could pull a chair in there and have coffee...hmmm.... cozy!  

So, what do ya think???


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  1. Maranda ! It's beautiful ! You are soooo talented and have such a great eye for what looks good together. You should hire yourself out !!

  2. You did an amazing job darlin! Gorgeous and too darn cute!

  3. Thank you all so much!! I am soooo happy that it turned out so well...and to be DONE! HA!

    Now to get ready to start the kitchen. I think we are asking for it! :)

  4. Looks AWESOME Maranda! Good job!

    I have 2 of those little white hearts :)

    1. Thank you :) It's my new favorite spot!! lol

      Aw!! Gotta LOVE white hearts :

  5. It looks lovely...very homey. I love the overhead light fixture - very charming. As for the utility panel, have you thought about painting it? Treat it like a picture frame and get creative...or cover the door with wallpaper, scrapbook paper, etc... You can make something beautiful, I'm sure!