Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring...where are you?

I thought after the weather we've had the last few weeks that Spring...glorious SPRING was here.  So much so that I broke down and had to put a little bit of color out.  I put my lil' dining room table centerpiece on the table.

Isn't it precious =)  

I usually L.O.V.E. winter, but lately I have had a hard time staying warm.   I have been freezing!!!  Then of course just when I thought winter was over, the cold, rainy weather returned....blah!

But at least my table is pretty =)

What's your favorite centerpiece?   



  1. I don't tend to put things on the table, because it gets used for so much (homeschooling, model building,etc). That is pretty though!
    I am praying that the buds I am seeing means that we are over the worst of the cold, but March can be a fickle month lol.

  2. Well, I typically do a lot of moving table clothes and centerpieces for school, just to put it back between meals! lol

    My hunny laughs because he says it's hilarious that I will put it on just to have to take it back off for school and meals. It just makes the room seem prettier :)

    I'm hoping March won't be a mess! Ugh...I was finally getting used to the idea of Spring until it turned off cold here again :/

    Oh well...maybe it won't be long now!! :)