Monday, March 12, 2012

Our 2012 Curriculum and Changes

Ok, typically I buy new curriculum around July or August (yes, last minute!) because that’s usually when the boys are done with what we’ve been using.  However, this year what we had been using just wasn’t working. 

Anyway, usually I have to buy a piece at a time.  But not this year!  We sat aside a portion of our tax return just for curriculum.  And this is what we got this year:

Dawson will continue to do his MUS (Math U See).   He’s gotten really bored with it, but we really need to finish the book he’s in.  I told him I’d find him a new Math curriculum if he wanted to try something new for awhile.  So I need to get busy searching. 

We switched from School of Tomorrow’s PACE’s to Christian Light Educations LightUnits for Language Arts.  And so far he loves it!   He says it’s much harder than what he was doing, but he likes the challenge!   And as a bonus, the CLE LightUnits include Spelling!  SCORE!
One less thing I have to try to research and find.  Still we may add to it more later. 

I also purchased Dawson the Reference Charts from CLE.

He can use them during regular school only.  I make him put them away during tests.  We have the older ones for 3rd graders and found them to be very helpful!

I also added the Reading Program from CLE.  Usually I just use readers and allow him to pick various books to read on his own.  But I really felt he needed more consistency.  He’s also really struggling with comprehension.   The Reading Program came with a wonderful hardback book, full of stories that are perfect for him!  And 6 LightUnits.  The LightUnits force him to pay attention to his reading because he will be asked questions about the story.  He’s all smiles!  For the first time in a very long time he actually enjoys a curriculum!

With Logan, we are still struggling with Reading, but have seen much improvement.  (For those of you just tuning in, Logan has a severe Learning Disability, we just aren’t sure what type. But we are on an extremely long waiting list for further testing!) 

I was really not sure about what to use with him.  He is all boy.  Can’t be still!  And absolutely H.A.T.E.S. school and anything related to school.  So, I needed something that would keep his attention.

A dear friend suggested All About Reading.  You can get more info (Here).  But I must say, it was well worth the money!  He loves it!! And is flying through the books!  I’m pretty sure that we will be done and ready to move on to the next level by August!  Which will be great because he is on a 1st grade level.  Not that we do levels or grades…it’s too much pressure.  But I would love to see him have some confidence in his skills.  Right now he is very self-conscious. 
Logan will also use the Christian Light Education curriculum, but only in Math.  He’s starting 2nd grade Math.  He’s still struggling with some skills, but not enough to hold off.  So I think in the next month or so he will begin that. 

For both boys I’m using Studying God’s Word by Christian Liberty Press.  And I love it!  The lessons are perfect for the boys.  Just enough to keep them interested but not so much that they are bored after 10 minutes.  And they have opened up a huge door for more conversations about Jesus, which is what I wanted!  The lesson also have scripture memory verses. 
I had a hard time deciding which level to use because there is such a huge gap in the boys grades/levels/whatever you wanna call it.  But finally settled on Book D

For History I’m using a mix of two separate books from Christian Liberty Press; American Pioneers and Patriots and History Stories for Children.  The History Stories for Children will be more of a family reading book but I knew they would both enjoy it!

Science was a freebie…from a WONDERFUL friend.  It’s called A Reason For Science.  It’s VERY hands on!  I’m excited to get started with it.  Each lesson offers experiments.  Nothing to big or expensive.  Some, more simple than others.  But all in all it looks super cool!  And both boys will use it.

My WONDERFUL friend also sent me a really cool book of reproductable pages to use along side of the “A Reason for Science” curriculum.

So that’s what we are using this year…so far!  It is apt to change at any time!  But that’s the joy of home education, right! 

Tell me, what are you using this year? 



  1. Looks fabulous hun! So glad to hear the boys are liking the changes:)

  2. Thank you both!! I'm so very excited =) And Tina, thank you again!!