Monday, January 16, 2012

Mama's Command Center

I don’t know about you, but I’m ALWAYS looking for new ways to stay organized!  As a wife, mother, teacher, babysitter, etc. there is always something to keep up with.  And while I try to keep up with it all, sometimes it’s just plain ole’ hard!  I currently have 2 calendars that I use often!!   I have one in my home planner and one on my desk.  My planner calendar is for anything and everything.  The one on my desk is for bills only!!  So I really wanted one that would be for everyone and have it to where I could quickly write down dates and have it visible to the rest of the family.  But I just couldn’t decide on what I wanted.  Because of course it had to be functional…but ALSO had to be purdy! 

Well, I got to thinkin’….I needed a dry erase calendar!!  So my search began!  After hours on pinterest I ran across this blog.  And I feel in love <3. 

I had several old picture frames in the closet that I was saving for just such an occasion.  I got it out, cleaned it up, and slapped a coat of black paint on it.  Then I broke out the scrapbook paper, printed off the calendar and “notes” side.  You can get the free printable calendar and all here.

And this is what I came up with….

{ wish the picture looked better, but it's early and my house is dark! LOL}

I also wanted a board just for quick notes and such…

{Not only are they pretty!  But both are dry erasable!!  Cool, right!}

I wanted a place to hang my keys (cause I’m A.L.W.A.Y.S. losing them!!) as well as a place to put incoming and outgoing mail, but I didn’t want to buy anything, nor did I want to make anything, so I starting looking through hubby’s shop!!  And of course I found just what I needed!  Hubby made me some soap presses awhile back so I added a divider to them and painted them black, glued little clips on the front, and put some hooks on the bottom. 

My finished product…

Sooooo awesome, right!  And every bit of it was FREE (well, except for the silver clips, but they were only $1.88 for a pack of 4)!!!! 

Here is the complete command center! 

 And I’m SO loving it!!!  Nice and orderly! 



  1. Oh that came out fabulous Maranda!!! Love it!!!

    1. Thank you Steph!!! It was so fun to make!! =)