Sunday, January 1, 2012

I need your help....

We recently had our youngest son, Logan tested for a learning disability.  He's 8, he'll be 9 in February and he reads on a Pre-k/K level.  We homeschool so it's been easy to devote hours and hours to him, but even with all my attention and time he has yet to learn to really read.

He can read: cat, hat, sat, fat, etc.  But that's about as far as he can go.

So after months and months of going back and forth my husband and I decided we need to have him tested.  And we did...and he was diagnosed with a significant learning disability.  His IQ was 90 and his over all test scores were 66.  The director said they wanted him to test around his IQ but since his test scores were significantly lower than his IQ that did in fact indicate a learning disability.

They couldn't offer much in the way of help because we homeschool....but she did suggest a place called The Scottish Rite Foundation because she feels he is severally dyslexic.  So I called and set up the appointment for him, but their waiting list is FOREVER long.  We are talking end of summer before they can get him in.  However it's a free service so I can't complain!

I said all of that to say this:
She felt very strongly that Logan would GREATLY benefit from an iPad or something to that affect.  But those are pricey and I think a Nook would be just as sufficient.  But even though the Nook is cheaper, we can't afford one.  Our budget just won't allow it.  So, I'm asking from one mother to another, would you be willing to help provide such an awesome educational tool for my son.  I know without a doubt that it would boost his self-esteem and most importantly teach him to read, which in itself would tremendously boost his self-esteem!

And just so you know who you are helping....Here he is....

We have a page set up at  All you have to do is click the link and you can donate securely there.  And if you can't donate I ask that you pray for us.  Prayer is way better than money ANY day!  Thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart!  And I pray that the Lord blesses you a hundred fold!!!

Many, Many Blessings,

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