Friday, January 20, 2012

Closet Organization

I guess my theme around the house lately is organization.  Of course who doesn’t like things orderly?  And with kiddos, the more organized the better!  My boys are old enough to dress themselves, but never seem to be able to grab “play” clothes when they are headed outside to play.  They would always grab their good clothes.  And with boys good clothes are few and far between! Ha! 

I never understood why they had such a hard time remembering which clothes were which.  But DUDE, they are boys!  They have better things on their brains…like bugs and swords and climbing trees.  So after years of trying to figure out a way to save their few pitiful lil’ outfits I finally came up with a solution!!  It was like a REVELATION!! 

Listen…are you ready!? 


Total light bulb moment right!!!! We have been using this method for over a year now and it's Heaven!!!

My guys are still tiny so we use kid hangers for their jeans but regular hangers for their shirts.  And we do ALL plastic!  I hate (with a passion) wire hangers!!

To help them remember what color hangers are for which clothes I printed them up a little sign.

{Picture quality isn't great...but you get the idea}

*Play shirts are white hangers
*Play pants/shorts are red hangers
*Good shirts are green hangers
*Good pants/shorts are yellow hangers

And it actually worked!!!  FINALLY something that works!  You know how I know…because a few months ago I decided to make some changes.  I figured they would be fine with it and wouldn’t miss it. 
Boy was I wrong!!!!  It was mass chaos!  I had both boys yelling, “Mama, I thought yellow hangers were good pants!  Why are play pants on the good pants hanger?!?” 

After total and utter confusion, I fixed it back…and peace was restored once again! 
How do you keep your closets nice and tidy?



  1. Thank you friend!! It sure makes life easier :)

  2. What a creative idea. I might borrow that! Thanks for sharing.