Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things I found in my washing machine in 2010

And in the pockets of my boy's jeans! LOL

1.   Golf balls

2.   Chewing Gum (This one makes me soooo mad!)

3.   Chap-stick (and this one!)

4.   Rocks

5.   Money

6.   Rope

7.   Band-aids

8.   Pine cones

9.   Deer bones (Can you say GROSS!)

10. Fishing Line

11. Golf Tees

12. Sand

13. Toothpaste

14. Dental Floss

15. BBs

16. CDs

17. Keys

18. Broken Antenna

19. Batteries

20. Parts to a radio??

21. A tooth (still not sure who's or where it came from!)

22. Pencils

23. Pens (ugh....another one of those things that doesn't come out of clothes!)

24. Marbles

25. Paper (of any and all kinds)

26. Glue Sticks

27. Candy (suckers, peppermint, chocolate...you get the picture)

28. A Paper Plate! (Seriously, Logan ate his lunch, folded the paper plate up and put it in his pocket!)

29. Gameboy Games

And the strangest, craziest, weirdest, thing I found in 2010.......was,

30. What I think may have been a frog at one time! LOL

Anyone else have this problem?!?!


  1. HAHAHA! I think you may have me beat with the tooth and the frog! I can't compete with those two. If I were you, I'd start line drying, girlfriend!

  2. Yea, in the summer time I do. Those two will put ANYTHING in there pockets! It's crazy! IDK where half of it comes from. There are other things to add to the list, but if I kept adding I'd never get the blog post finished! LOL