Monday, January 24, 2011

~Our Second Litter of Piglets~

As most of you know, we raise pigs.  Our first litter was born several months ago and it was so awesome!!  The piglets were so cute!  And the grew FAST!!

We have another sow that just delivered on Thursday.  She was somewhat smaller than our other sow so I wasn't sure how her delivery would go.  But she was a champ!!!  She delivered 6 piglets; 3 males & 3 females.

They are all jet black, except for one.  She's black with orange stripes....TOO CUTE!  The boys named her Tiger.

Mama pig AKA Miss Piggy, is smaller than our other pigs.  I think that maybe she is a mix?  But she is my favorite=)  She has the sweetest personality.  And bless her heart, she was so worn out!

So far she has proven to be a good mama!  She's not too fond of our dog, Happy.

I think she feels like Happy is a threat.  Which given half a chance Happy just might make a snack of one of them.  Let's hope not!  

The piglets have gotten out and about the last day or so.  I hope to have some better pictures soon.  Right now they stick pretty close to mama.  I've crawled up in their little house a few times just to love on them, but of course I don't dare pick one up.  Don't want to upset that mama!  So stay tuned for more pictures really soon!  I PROMISE=)


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