Saturday, January 29, 2011

My latest thrift store find

I don't know about you.....but I LOVE thrift stores.  I try to go thrift store shopping at least once a week.  But when you live in a small town there isn't always a lot to pick from.  I have one that I frequent, but I must admit they are getting a little pricey =(  Makes me sad!!

Anyway, I have been looking for a chandelier for my living room FOREVER!!! Literally! FOREVER!  I have looked at multiple hardware stores, but I'm cheap and didn't want to pay what they wanted for them.  I just wanted a simple, but beautiful fixture that goes with my decor.  And something that I could customize or change later with simple changes.

I check with Home Depot on a regular basis in hopes that I could find one on sale.  But they are never actually on "sale" in my opinion!  So I had just about given up.  Then I went to the thrift store this Friday and guess what I found......YEP!!!!  My chandelier!!!  I can't wait for my precious husband to put it up!!

I tried to find the exact one on the Home Depot website to show you the ridiculous price of a new one, but of course I couldn't find it...figures.  Anyway, the same chandelier at Home Depot runs roughly $100-$200, hence the reason I haven't bought a new one!

So here is my new beauty:

Yes, I know what you are thinking.  $100-$200 for that????!!!  YEP!!!  

I love clean and simple!!!  And I love the fact that I only paid (wait for it)...........$15.00!  That's right, $15.00!!!!!  I bought some pretty bulbs for it.  Ya know, the ones with the tips that look like a flame.  And maybe later on I'll find some shades for it.  But I may be content without the shades.  Ya just never know with me.  

So, there it is.  Tell me, what do you think? 



  1. Love it! You know, I love thrift stores too! I stop in to my favorite one two - three times a week for a quick walk through since it's right down the road. Sometimes I find things, many times I don't. The trick is to realize that you don't need every 'good' deal. Friday I bought quilting squares- a box full for $2.25! I figure there's enough material for 3-5 quilts and the material was already sorted and cut for me! Now to learn how to quilt! :)

  2. I loved the one down the road from my house. When they first opened you could always find awesome deals, but lately they have gotten a little high on their prices. You really have to watch them! But I love when I find something I want/need so cheap! Patience really does pay off, because I've been waiting several years to find one:)

    And congrats on your find!!!! LOVE IT:) Oh and when you find out how to quilt...let me know! LOL