Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Jewelry Holder

So I’ve seen some super cute stuff on pinterest and blogs lately and of course I want to make it ALL!!!  But finding the time is another story.  One I’m sure that most of you understand all to well! 

However, I did FINALLY make the time to make this one thing I’ve been thinkin’ on for some time now…

Isn’t it precious!!!  It was pretty easy to make too! 
You can use a picture frame but you know me…I’m not gonna go with the easy way! Hehe
I just took some scrape wood the hubby had and forty-fived the ends, glued, and nailed it together….VOILA!

  I made two frames…I painted one and left one natural.  Then I took some old grates out of some old AC units we had that we are taking off for scrap metal. 

I brushed the grates to knock the rust off and then spray painted it with some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint I had left over from the bathroom remodel!  After I got everything painted and put together I stapled the grates to the frames! 

{I made this one for a friend and she wanted natural wood color so I just burnt the wood grain some}

It was that easy!  Now I got myself a super cute earring holder!  And for my necklaces….

{Picture quality...kinda pitiful, but you get the idea}

It’s just an old rake head we had laying around down at the barn. 
I stinkin’ L.O.V.E. it!!!  I mean what’s not to love!!! 
Be sure to let me know what rockin’ DIY projects you got going on!!


  1. Hehe!! I sorta can't take all the credit. Pinterest did help...a lil bit! =D