Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Betty Crocker wanna be!

Recently a friend of mine (Cindy Lou...I have mentioned her in a previous post.  She's my experimenting buddy! We are always trying something new) asked me to help her make a cake for her stepdaughter.  Now, I have never made a birthday cake from scratch.  So this was a new experience for me.  But I have to say that I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!!  The funny part of it is that the cake was a Farmville cake.  Ya know, the game on Facebook.

Cindy had the wonderful idea to use scrapbooking stickers and cut outs for the farm animals, etc.  It would have been way too expense to buy animals and all the different do-dads that we needed to decorate it.  Thankfully she found some super cute stuff at Hobby Lobby.

I think that Cindy and I did pretty well!  I know that I was proud!  Now I can't wait to make Dawson's birthday cake in October.  


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  2. So CUTE! You did a really good job! My daughter loves Farmville! I'll have to show her this cake!

  3. Thank you Susan! We had such a great time making it!