Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Using Our Imagination....what a wonderful thing!

Today my daddy and I took my boys out to the lake.  There is alittle island that we frequent during the summer.
It's a beautiful place; quiet, sandy beach with shade trees and good fishing.  We usually camp there every year and I have to say that it's probably one of my more favorite places ever!  We even call it "our island" and while we have no actually claim to it, for some reason it just feels like it's ours.  Maybe it's all of the wonderful memories we've made there.

Now, usually when we go there is a whole boat load of us.  But today it was just the 4 of us and I was alittle afraid that my youngest wouldn't be very entertained.  He has no imagination at at all!  Or so I thought.

My daddy decided that he would fish for awhile.  Big Brother was exploring.  I knew that I would be left to keep the little one busy.  I'm not much for staying in the water the whole time.  I'm more of a kick back in the chair and watch kinda gal.

(Me kicked back watching)

I sat there hoping little man would keep busy and I could enjoy a little sun and rest.  He called out a couple of times asking me to come out and swim.  He just wanted me to throw him.  He weights a ton and it's almost impossible for me to do, but I try....of course he's not happy with that.  "Throw me like daddy does." he says.  Sorry dude, you're a little too bit!

I get out of the lake.  He's mad, like I knew he would be.  He complains that there is nothing to do, like I knew he would.  I tell him to play!  Enjoy the water and waves.  He mumbles and goes on about his business.

Next thing I know he's building a sandcastle!  I couldn't believe it!  He was making it for the ants he said.  He informed me that the ants needed water too!  He even built the ants a swimming pool.

After the sand soaked up all of the water he got bored quickly!  So he was off to the water again, but this time with his papaw's fishing net.  I wish I had gotten a picture, but by this time my battery was dead!  Little man proceeded to sing a 30 minute opera style sorta song while flopping around in the water.  It was so funny to watch him actually use his imagination!!!  It just really blessed my heart.  And honestly I was beginning to wonder if kids these days even have one.  I guess he proved to me that a few still do.

Big Brother has a very vivid imagination.  He loves to build and pretend and never has a hard time finding something to do.  The minute we arrived on the island he was off to look around and see what he could find!  He picked up a walking stick and off he went.  He brought back a couple of old sticks and attempted to build "something".

I don't think he even knew what he was building.  He made a few attempts to get "it" to stay and it wasn't long and he gave up.   Once papaw caught a fish the building project was over!  He took off over to the fishing pole and sat for 3 hours as he waited for his fish!  Finally right before we left....and I do mean right before, he caught his fish.  It was huge and he was so proud.  I did manage to get a picture, but he wouldn't hold it.  He was afraid it would fin him.

That may be our last little trip to our island this year.  As we drove away it was sad to know that summer is coming to an end, but made me happy to think of all the fun and memories to come this fall and winter.  I was just glad to see my little men have a good time and using their imaginations.  *One Proud Mama*

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