Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to cut up a rabbit

After my last post about butchering rabbits I had a couple of people ask me about how to cut it up.  So when we butchered rabbits today I thought I'd take some pictures and show y'all how we do it.  

Before we get started first, let me say; we are NOT professionals in any shape, form, or fashion.  The way we do things may not be the best way, easiest way or even the right way; but it's our way!

If you are new to meat rabbits and want to know how to butcher them, you can see a post on that here!

Now let's get started!!

Get your tools ready.  You will need a VERY sharp knife, a good cutting board, and the materials for wrapping your meat.

So this is what you will start with...

To me, rabbit is a lot like deer, in that there are little pieces of slime (I know that's not the technical term) that you have to cut off.  So you want to clean the meat up the best you can.  I'm anal so that part takes awhile.

Now you can freeze your rabbits as a whole.  You don't have to cut it up!  If I know I'm going to use it in a soup then I just freeze it whole.  But if I plan to fry it, then of course it must be cut.

The next thing I do is start at the hind legs.  You can see the fold...just cut there.

I will tell you that you have to twist the leg and break it off from the socket.  It sounds gross I know.  But you can do it!

Just twist!

Next I cut the front legs.  They are sort of like chicken wings.  You can see the joint and can cut right under it.

Next I cut the back into sections.  They fry up much better that way.  I also cut the stomach flaps. They make nice, boneless cuts of meat.  They are thin, but it's still meat, right! :)  You can see them in the picture below laying to the side.  

After you are done, your cuts will look something like this...

I wish I had taken a picture from up above, but I'm a germ freak and I didn't want to touch my camera, so I had my lil' guy taking pics for me.  I think he did a bang up job, don't you?!

Anyway,I then soak mine in a mixture of vinegar, salt, and water.  Just to make sure that all the nasty stuff is off.  {I told you that I'm anal!}

Well, that's it.  I use gallon freezer bags sometimes and other times I use commercial saran wrap, then wrap it in butcher paper. will have to over look the redneck duct tape, but I was out of paper tape and Hey, we have to use what we have, right!?

So, that's it.  Not bad at all.

What did you think?



  1. Very nicely done pictures! Budding photographer too! What breed of rabbit do you raise? Anywhere close to Northern MT?

  2. Thank you so much Gail! He will be so proud! LOL

    We raise New Zealands. We've tried a few other breeds, but New Zealands are my favorite :)

    We WISH we were close to Northern MT!! LOL It is a LONG time dream of mine to live there!!!! But for now, the Lord has us in the Deep South.

  3. Would you mind telling me with the numbered pieces which ones are good for frying? Are some pieces only good for stock? Thank you!