Thursday, November 10, 2011's been a minute!

I’m BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!  YAY!  I have been without internet for a little over a month and it’s kinda hard to blog without internet….ha!

But I have managed to keep busy.  Deer season is in and gun season will be opening soon.  So my husband and I have been preparing for that.  We REALLY need to do well because that is how we provide meat all year.  I refuse to buy “store bought” meat.  More for the cost than quality, but the quality isn’t that great either! 

On top of preparing for that we have been repainting our rental property and cleaning it up inside and out!  I hate to paint, so that is taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R.!!!!!!  We hope to finish that this Saturday. 

I have also been making lots of phone calls and doctors appointments for my youngest son.  He is ADHD and has really been struggling with school.  Since we homeschool it hasn’t been much of a problem, but he’s getting older and realizing that he isn’t on the same academic level as some children his age.  I know some children learn at a different pace than others but he’s farther behind that I’d like for him to be.  So we have began the very LONG journey of pen pointing the problem.  I will be sharing more about our progress as we take the journey.  Tomorrow I’ll post about what we have faced so far.  I just wanted to tell y’all how much I’ve missed you and THANK YOU for not giving up on me!