Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I've been MIA....

I don't know about you but we are done gardening and canning.  It didn't take me long to get S.I.C.K. of it!!!  That's probably an understatement!  That's why I've been MIA the last month!  

This year it kicked my booty!  And that was just the picking and up-keeping of the garden.  That didn't include canning!  But we had a deal with my folks.  We picked and they canned =)

So I think we can now get back to business!  I am so excited because I have sat down and made a list of upcoming posts.  

* Owl Lapbook ~ This will probably be the next post or the one after =)
* Workboxes
* School Binders
* Couponing
* Closer Organization
* Chalkboard resurfacing
* Idea Binder
* Christmas gifts idea

That's just to name a few.  So stay tuned!!  



  1. The garden DOES keep you busy! BUT, I think you got the easier end of the deal. At least IMO. Canning is a long, hot process! Once you commit to starting, you can't stop! I am lazy!

    We are going to try something different (although I am kinda scared how it will turn out). Our renters want a garden, so we are going to try to do a community type garden between us. We will see how it works. I am kinda kicking myself for even agreeing. But........

  2. Yea, we had a deal where Chris and I would do the gardening and my mom and dad would do the canning. It worked fine, but I think we were all SOOOO over the garden long before it stopped producing! LOL

    Good luck! ;)