Monday, May 9, 2011

What??? Almost a month??? Surely not!

Seriously!  Has it been almost a month since my last post??  WOW how time flies.  I can honestly say that the last month has been the craziest month I've had in a very long time!

You all know that we have been doing some major reno in our we have been working soooo hard on it.  We are getting to close to the end.  We are just about ready to wrap it up.  I hope and PRAY that by Sunday we are done.  We still have to find light fixtures.  I'm extremely picky, so finding them is going to be hard:(  I think I have my work cut out for me.  Oh and I have to find handles for my vanity.  So, I gotta get my shop on:)  But come Sunday the major construction should be finished.  We will tie up loose ends in the next few weeks.  This little project has taken so much longer than we had anticipated.  Then again it always does...especially when you pay cash for everything.  And you can only buy things you need as you have money! LOL

Ok, so besides the bathroom reno,

* I have been battling some major allergies and infections.
* We have planted 3 HUGE garden spots.
* I have been without internet (because I quit my part time job).
* I've been kicking some major booty on my weight loss journey.
* And happens.

So now that I'm back up and running I will make my posts more regular.  I have several post ideas and even have my pictures ready:)  I just have to make the time to do it!!!

See ya'll next time:)

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