Sunday, February 27, 2011

Give "new" life to "old" stuff

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to give new life to old stuff....that is probably an understatement!

We recently decided to redo the school room.  Originally the school room was our bedroom, then it was the living room and now it's the school room.  It's the largest room in the house so there are endless possibilities to what I can do with that room.

So, back to the "redo".  The paint colors were really dark (because I LOVE color just as much as I love giving new life to old stuff:).  Well, if you homeschool you know that you can't have a dark room.  Well I guess you can, it just doesn't make it very easy to see unless you have good lighting.  This room was dark, with very little lighting!!  BAD mixture!  Especially for my boys....who are always looking for a reason NOT to do school!  They are clever like that: "Mama, it's dark in here.  Can't we do school tomorrow?"  Yep, they actually used that line on me!  Little stinkers!

So, I decided to go for a warm, soothing, neutral.  That way if we decide to rearrange...AGAIN, I wouldn't have to repaint...I'm thinking ahead!

Well, of course when you redo a room, you have to have accessories.  I went to Hobby Lobby and went straight for the material.  Now, since I redo and rearrange rooms....and furniture every other week (not really..hehe, but close!) I wanted accessories that would work with any room.

This is what I found:

(This is my fabric and paint color)

The paint color I picked was Tawny Birch.  It looks kinda lite against the fabric, but the colors are much closer than they look.  And the fabric was regular $8.99 a yard.  But I only paid $5.00 a yard...not to mention There was a little over 2 yards (all I needed was 2 yards), so since it was the end of the batch she just GAVE me the last bit.  YAY!

I think it's just such a pretty fabric.

I'm putting a chair and table in one corner of the room for a reading area.  Mostly for me!  But the boys will be allowed to use it.  My chair is a neutral tan/brown/something or other....and so was my pillow.  Well, I just can't have that!!  SOOOOO that's where my new fabric comes in.

My pillow was pitiful!  But with less than a yard of pretty fabric, I have a BRAND NEW pillow!

I just covered right over it with the new fabric.  Now, when I get tired of this pattern, I just cut it off and make a new one!  Easy, simple, and took all of 20 minutes!

And I had enough fabric left to do a window valance and whole set of curtains for my back door!!  How cool is that!!:)

Now I did a really bad job on the shot!  It's all crooked! hehe, but you get the point!  I'm's been a busy couple of weeks.  Is that a good enough excuse??? :)  Oh and my window looks dirty too, BUT in my defense we just finished redoing the room.

Ok, so that's it for tonight!  I'll be doing another post this week on the complete "school room redo" with lots of pictures!  So check back!



  1. Awesome colors! I need a "school room redo" too... hopefully I'll be inspired!

  2. It's always fun to have a fresh, new look!

  3. Thank you both so much!! I hope to have pictures of the completed room by the end of the week=) So stay tuned!!!